Homemade Scotch Eggs

Holly's Peak Produce is a company based in the heart of the Peak District.

We specialise in Homemade, Free Range, Flavoured Scotch Eggs.

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Holly's Peak Produce was founded in 2011 by Holly Crossley.

After graduating from University in 2011 Holly decided to start her own business - making gourmet Scotch Eggs.

Holly's parents live on a small holding in The Peak District and have a passion for rearing rare breed pigs and free range chickens. It was because of this home-reared produce, that the idea of a free range, filling, quality Scotch Egg was born.

After selling a few of the first batches from the wall in the village, to both villagers and walkers, all feedback was positive. 

With this success, the Scotch Eggs were taken to local Farmer's Markets. After 6 months of sold out markets Holly decided to approach some local Farm Shops. They are now currently stocked in a number or farm shops, included Ibbotsons of Ashford, and the award winning Chatsworth Farm Shop.